Simply Magnificent

Do you dream about pastry? If not, you will!

A Few Dreamy Testimonials

"I am writing to say my ginger/spice cake with the  cinnamon frosting was...well, words escape me. It was that delicious! Ican't wait to try everything! :) An FYI: I found this wonderful pastry at the Concord Farmers Winter Market .
Thank you for the tastebud joy!"
-MB., Highly Satisfied Customer

"I had the chocolate/peanut butter dream and it was amazing! My husband had the chocolate/raspberry dream who really enjoyed it. They were plenty big enough to share but I chose to just eat it overmultiple sittings because I don’t share well when it’s things I really like."
-M., Highly Satisfied Customer

"I really enjoyed the lemon/raspberry dream!
-C., Very Happy Pastry Dreamer

"I just wanted to send you a note. I bought one of your lemon/raspberry dreams today at the Concord Farmers Market and it was amazing. It was just the perfect balance of tart and sweet. This was the first time I have bought from you and it won’t be the last.
-J., Another Happy Pastry Dreams Lover

"I had a raspberry dream. Utterly fantastic!"
-K., Highly Satisfied Pastry Dreamer

"The lemon/raspberry was just awesome. Simply delightful!"
-S., Another Sweet Dreamer

Meet the Pastry Chef

Ann Baril, Culinary Genius

My passion for food came from my Italian Nana who made everything from scratch. Watching her showed me that food is love. I love to create delicious desserts and know that she would be proud.  I’ve learned so much from my family, but didn’t realize the lessons until they actually came to light many years later. 



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