Sinfully Sweet Delights

Hand-Crafted Pastry Perfection

We Dream in Flavors.

Our Pastry Dreams Are Handmade Bundles of Sweet Delight.

You can place your order conveniently online. Orders can be picked up at our weekly Farmer's Market or at our commercial kitchen in Derry. Upon receipt of your order, we'll reach out to you by email to coordinate your pickup preference.

Lemon/Raspberry Dream

Luscious pastry filled with a layer of lemon curd topped with a second layer of rich raspberry topped with a french meringue and sprinkled with lemon sugar.

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Dream

Luscious pastry filled with 2 layers. Rich velvety chocolate topped with a layer of peanut butter makes for a decadent dream. 

Lemon Dream

Luscious pastry filled with lemon curd topped with a french meringue rosette. A simply irresistable pastry dream.

Raspberry Dream

Our luscious dream pastry filled with raspberry topped with a french meringue rosette and edible star glitter. 

Chocolate Raspberry Dream

Luscious pastry with a velvety chocolate bottom and topped with raspberry filling. Decorated with a french meringue and chocolate round.

A Slice of Ginger Spice*

Gingerbread spice cake topped with cinnamon/nutmeg cream cheese frosting sprinkled with ginger sugar.
Be sure to heat in microwave for 5-10 seconds for enhanced spice flavor. Available seasonally.

Our Newest Dreams

Handmade Delights Guaranteed to Please!

CC Dream - Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate graham nestled in a cookie crust topped with cheesecake,
for more chocolate our chocolate ganache with sprinkles of chocolate graham and toffee bits.

CC Dream - Raspberry 

A cheesecake dream with a yummy layer of graham cracker crumbs, topped with raspberry filling and a glazed fresh raspberry!

CC Gourmet Dream

This delightful pastry features a layer of raspberry nestled beneath a creamy cheesecake filling, all topped with a tangy layer of lemon curd and finished with a sprinkle of chopped pistachios.

Pecan Pie Dream

Our lusciously ooey, gooey sticky pecan filling, perfectly balanced with an ideal measure of sweetness! Can you say yummy?

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